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General purpose of irc.WixChat.org server :-
By providing people from all walks together, irc.Wixchat.Org is to provide users with a comfortable and peaceful chat environmen

Chat :-
When chatting inside the server, there are some general policy and rules that you must follow in order not to disturb the overall chat flow and hence violate the overall purpose of the Chat Server. These are listed below:      

1. Bad words, Insult, Level  
You should never forget that you are not only you in the Chat environment you are in, but in others, and you should make your chat in a conscious way. Chat.As the Wixchat server is a free chat server, every user on-board has the right to chat and everyone is equal. You should not forget that the worst enemy of a good chat environment is bad and level words.      

2. Discomfort and Discussion  
The channels of the channels on the server are open to every user and chat is free. However, you should keep in mind that every user who enters the Server is free as long as he / she complies with the server rules and it is not absolutely necessary for a user to chat with another user. You should keep in mind that each user has their own free will, and by forcing someone who does not want to chat with you to chat, you cannot disturb the user. This kind of enforcement both disturbs the user and can distract you from the channel as it can disrupt the overall chat flow.    

3. Advertisement  
It was stated above that the main purpose of WixChat server is to bring people from all walks together and provide them with a comfortable and peaceful chat environment within Wixchat. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden to advertise on all channels in the server or in the private of any user. When you advertise to someone you do not know, the user you advertise may be disturbed, and with this ad you have damaged the main purpose of Chat. All nicknames and channels in WixChat are given to users temporarily and all nicknames and channels are owned by Wixchat chat server, so if the ad continues, the nicknames (nicknames) you use may be permanently banned.      

4. Flood and Long article  
The word Flood means flooding, flooding. There are 2 types of flood in Irc servers. It is detected as a flood when you use a certain number of lines within a certain period of time or when you write a certain character length in a certain period of time. Since this situation negatively affects the General Chat flow, it constitutes an undesirable situation on the irc servers and you should not forget that there is an option to be removed from the channel if those who apply this situation in order to edit the general chat flow are first warned and repeated. In order not to flood across the channels, please try to make a sentence rather than sending it to the channel by writing a word. When writing a long article, you can write the article in sentences, not at once, but by dividing it into pieces.      

5. Nicks  
WixChat server with any sexual content, msn, phone number, site name, insulted content nickname (nickname) is strictly prohibited and those who enter the channel with such nicknames; Depending on the status of the nick, the nickname is banned (channels not banned) directly from the channel, or the nickname is banned or removed from the channels (no banning) if the person who uses the nickname does not change after the stimulation.    

6. Security  
Wixchat In the chat server, users have to give importance to security on subjects such as nick, password, and should keep in mind what should be done in case of theft and forget.
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