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`7MMF'     A     `7MF'  db  `YMM'   `MP'          `7MM                   mm    
  `MA     ,MA     ,V          VMb.  ,P              MM                   MM    
   VM:   ,VVM:   ,V   `7MM     `MM.M'     ,p6"bo    MMpMMMb.   ,6"Yb.  mmMMmm  
    MM.  M' MM.  M'     MM       MMb     6M'  OO    MM    MM  8)   MM    MM    
    `MM A'  `MM A'      MM     ,M'`Mb.   8M         MM    MM   ,pm9MM    MM    
     :MM;    :MM;       MM    ,P   `MM.  YM.    ,   MM    MM  8M   MM    MM    
      VF      VF      .JMML..MM:.  .:MMa. YMbmd'  .JMML  JMML.`Moo9^Yo.  `Mbmo 

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